Friday, August 28, 2009

Change God’s mind?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Change God’s mind?
Category: Religion and Philosophy

Do you think God ever changes His mind? Remember, Him changing His mind is not the same as changing His will. My will might be to go from GA to TX. With the rising gas prices, however, I might change my mind about driving and decide to fly. Regardless of how I get to TX, my will has not changed, just the manner in which it is carried out. In the Old Testament on several occasions God was fed up with the Israelites for their grumbling and their faithlessness. He told Moses that He would destroy them and make Moses a new nation that would be His people. It was the intercession of Moses that "convinced" God to stay with the current plan. Moses was so passionate about the Israelites, that God honored him by including his wishes in His plan. God's will was to have a "chosen people" who would take the story of His redemption into the world. How that was accomplished could have been any number of ways without God compromising His "will". For us to think that we cannot ever "change" God's mind, is to say that we really don't have an interactive relationship with God at all. God is a relational being. That means He cares about our cares, our needs, and our passions. If our zeal, our passion, and our persistence never influenced God - then the very idea of prayer would be absurd. Some of the key components of prayer such as petition and intercession would just be so much hot air without the basic belief that we actually DO influence God's decisions.I hope you can embrace this Truth without confusing it with the immutability of God. God does not change - that is one of the things we worship about Him - that He is the same from age to age. God's plan for mankind does not change. His "endgame" doesn't change. For God to take us in to account in making His plans does not undermine in any way His being in control. Anyone disagree? lol. Go ahead. I dare ya.

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